Join the young (and young at heart) who   discover   the world during the International Children’s Festival. The rich array of sights, sounds, and tastes of distant lands that will captivate the senses of children and adults alike. Experience the beauty and wonder of exotic places as over thirty countries and cultures showcase their unique heritages. The event occurs the third Saturday each April in downtown Hampton.  

Imagine 15,000 people all gathered together in a beautiful park setting in downtown Hampton, Va., each one taking in sights and sounds, and taste of cultures from across the globe. Each year, over thirty five countries are represented at the International Children’s Festival , veritable ocean of color, cultural pride and camaraderie.  


The day begins with the Parade of Nations, each participant proudly displaying the orante native clothing of their homelands. The enticing smells of food from distant lands waft over the festiable, as ethnic food vendors line the park greeting visitors and festival attendees alike. A rich array of sight s and sounds is what you will be able to experience. 


The festival boast entertainment on three stages throughout the day, as well as roaming entertainment. Folks come across the nation and even the world to this wonderful and unique celebration.   I love this gathering as well as my whole family.  The festival is held on the third Saturday of April so mark your calendars.  The location is Mill Point Park, Hampton Va.  Did I say the event is FREE! You can find this event on Facebook.