Buy or Sell a Business

How is a Business Without Real Estate Valued?

Without real estate, a business may still have a tremendous amount of value. For example, if a sign company has been leasing a building for 30 years, they still have a client base, and a brand name that is locally recognized. A client base and a name in the community is an asset. Some businesses, such as service-based industries, may have intellectual capital. For example, a company that trains executives how to be more effective might have copyrighted and licensed training modules designed for this purpose. That training module has real value in the eyes of the lender.

There are numerous other criteria on how businesses are valued, according to assets and financials. The VonCannon team are experts in this arena. Contact us at

Sound Advice when Selling a Business

The VonCannon team has access to Asset Lenders in the commercial arena. For SBA loans, a business owner must write a business plan one year in advance, and produce financials, and hypothetical information for banks. “When listing your business, I work closely with Asset Lenders to identify hard money and qualified buyers to buy your business,” noted Elaine VonCannon.

  • Sellers may only want to sell part of their business and retain part of it. If sellers remain as consultants for the sold business, it can reduce or even alleviate tax burdens.
  • When selling a business, a financial planner should be consulted to minimize financial liabilities and tax burdens. The VonCannon team has this expertise.
  • List with VonCannon and receive high search engine exposure for your individual business listing on the World Wide Web.

Evaluating What a Business is Worth: Buying a Business

A qualified attorney is needed in the state of Virginia in order to sell a business. Check the laws for your own state.

Here are essential aspects of a business that must be analyzed to obtain a business valuation:

  • Buying good will
  • Projected income
  • Client base
  • Company brand and image
  • Intellectual property
  • Profit and loss statement

Business Valuations

When performing a business valuation, do not put too much emphasis on the profit and loss statement. Profit and loss statements are not the defining principle of a good business buy. VonCannon will help the business buyer identify commercial investments with great potential, high yield to cap rates, and maximum return on investment. We will help you evaluate the client base, and offer suggestions to improve on the product or service that will make the business more profitable. Rely on the VonCannon team for solid advice on all commercial purchases.