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“With a high traffic website, VonCannon Commercial Real Estate attracts interested buyers to commercial listings.”

The VonCannon Commercial Real Estate team brings over 25 years combined experience in commercial real estate.

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Elaine VonCannon, Business Only

Elaine VonCannon is an award winning REALTOR from Williamsburg who specializes in Business Only commercial sales. Her long residency in the greater Williamsburg area gives her a wide-ranging familiarity with small to medium sized businesses in Southeastern Virginia, from Virginia Beach to Richmond. VonCannon has listed and sold land, new commercial construction, and existing commercial properties. She helps clients find property in all types of commercial businesses from commercial land lots to gas stations to retail businesses and more. VonCannon finds the perfect property or commercial investment to meet her clients’ criteria. With her high traffic website, VonCannon attracts interested buyers to commercial listings. In collaboration with a team of commercial real estate professionals, VonCannon will assist buyers and sellers through the process of purchasing or selling a business only. When buying or selling a business only, there is no real estate exchanged through the transaction. VonCannon will specifically match clients with appropriate asset based lenders to interpret profit and loss statements and evaluate the financials of the business.

The VonCannon Commercial Property Team Brings Years of Experience in Wealth Accumulation For Commercial Property Sellers

Why should you want the VonCannon Commercial Real Estate Team to represent you in selling a commercial property? Years of experience in commercial real estate transactions and the financial services industries are essential for success in commercial real estate transactions. The VonCannon team has a strong professional foundation in both areas. The team has a continuous commitment to ranking the website high on search engines, and can deliver excellent performance for commercial listings. Commercial property sellers receive high traffic and visibility on the World-Wide-Web, helping the business to sell in a shorter period of time.

How Can VonCannon Help You Sell a Business?

On the seller’s side, VonCannon are thorough about handling all parts of the commercial property sale. We have expertise in the valuation of businesses, looking closely at profit and loss, and short and long-term financial projections. Our professional legal staff assist in facilitating the process of selling a business.

Commercial Property Buyers

On the buyer’s side, let the VonCannon team identify commercial properties that are sound investments, with long-term capital appreciation and maximum cash flows. Commercial properties with a huge cap rate are high yield investments. These are the types of commercial investments we strive to place our clients into. Allow us to find the most lucrative commercial business opportunities in Southeastern Virginia, From Richmond to Virginia Beach, the Northern Neck and beyond.

VonCannon Team Helps Clients Buy a Business

The VonCannon team has the expertise to properly evaluate all of the criteria that make a commercial buy the best potential for a financial success. We have excellent contacts in the financial industry to assist buyers to obtain finance for the commercial buyer. VonCannon will expertly assist the commercial property buyer to locate private and corporate investors to help facilitate the purchase of commercial investments.

Commercial Property Listings Perform on the Search Engines

The VonCannon team work with existing commercial buyers throughout the United States and Internationally. This website receives over 100,000 hits per month and provides educational and informational materials to a returning audience. The listings are, by far, the most popular pages visited. If you list a commercial property with VonCannon Commercial Property, you will be assured that your individual commercial property listing will perform consistently well on the search engines. List exclusively with VonCannon to ensure proper website marketing for your property listing. Our listings receive maximum exposure on the worldwide web to an audience that is global.

Commercial Property is Hot

Today’s commercial property market is poised for unprecedented sales. Maximize your commercial investment, and use it as a wealth building tool. If you need a professional to evaluate your existing real estate portfolio, let the VonCannon team offer our professional advice. It may be time to upgrade your real estate portfolio and begin considering commercial property investment. The VonCannon team is here to assist in all phases of commercial property investment. Call Elaine VonCannon at 757-288-4685 or email


How to Succeed in a Changing Real Estate Market

In the commercial and residential real estate investment market condo conversions have become a controversial topic. Many experts say there are still profits to be made with condo conversions, while others vehemently assert that condo conversions are high risk and can lead to big losses. According to a January 16th, 2007 article in the New York Times, “Buyers Scarce, Many Condos Are for Rent”, written by Vikas Bajaj,

“Since the middle of 2006, the frenzied condominium market here and in several other big cities like Las Vegas, Miami and Boston has collapsed.” “Once roaring sales have slowed to a trickle, sparse inventory has mushroomed into a glut and soaring prices have flattened out and started falling,” Bajaj continues, “In many cities, banks have significantly scaled back loans to condominium builders. Some have demanded that developers sell half or more of the units in a building before even beginning construction.”

Many condo conversion projects have reverted back to apartments due to slow sales. Often referred to as “repartments”, these projects can leave large holes in the pockets of investors who didn’t do their homework before construction began. Although condo conversions are high risk in some areas if an investor thinks carefully, completes research on the local region and investigates the potential buyers that are most prominent in the market profits can still be made.

Real Estate and Affordable Housing: The American Class War

The United States of America was built on the sweat, commitment and integrity of the working class. So why is it so hard for fire fighters, police officers, nurses, teachers and average Americans in general to buy real estate for an affordable price. As the United States economy shifts and changes, the middle class continues to shrink. Increasing health care, real estate, education and utility costs often exceed a typical middle class income. Working class people employed in the city can’t afford to live or purchase real estate in the city, yet as gas prices go up commuting becomes more difficult. Many of the companies who have recently invested and lost on condo conversion projects were overly focused on the high end, luxury market. Condo conversions can be built with more affordable prices in mind if the property is chosen correctly and the plan is designed with working class buyers in mind.

Economic Growth Means More Opportunity for Everyone

It doesn’t make good economic sense that people who risk their lives to protect the public, teach our children and nurse us back to health when we are sick or injured should have trouble finding homes they can afford. Condo conversions can create affordable housing available to working class families, especially in areas where single family home prices are too high for middle class residents. Investors interested in selling condos to the working and middle class have a great chance of being successful if they buy the right property, in the right location, where affordable housing is a necessity. Savvy commercial and residential real estate investors have the power to make condo conversions part of the affordable housing solution rather than a problem. All it takes is the creativity, knowledge, planning and the courage to think outside the box.

Tips for Condo Conversion Success

One of the keys to making a successful ad profitable condo conversion investment is to research, research, research! Don’t invest in a property you plan to use as a condo conversion without following these tips:

Tip 1. Learn everything you can about the area where your property is located. Find out the local standard of living and what resources are in close proximity such as hospitals, schools, shopping centers, etc.

Tip 2. Explore the various target markets you will have for your units. Who are your potential buyers? What is their lifestyle? What kind of properties and perks are they searching for? When marketing a condo conversion property think carefully about your niche markets. First time homebuyers, single mothers or women and retiring baby boomers often search for condo solutions because they are safe, easy to maintain and cost less.

Tip 3. Consult a professional. Make sure you fully understand the local zoning, permit and construction laws. Do your homework and don’t make any decisions until you have all the information to consider.

Think Outside the Box with Condo Conversion: Commercial Investment Options

If you invest your money in a project that is smart and has appeal to the community your condo conversion project has a better chance of success. In addition to these tips consider rehabbing the property and creating residential floors and commercial floors. A condo conversion investment may make more money if residential space is sold on 2nd and 3rd stories while first floor property is kept as retail or office space. Also consider offering lease to own options to buyers. If you think creatively about your condo conversion investment you will realize there are a lot of possibilities. If you are looking to buy a conversion property make sure you have educated yourself as much as possible before making a decision to purchase. The real estate you buy with condo conversion in mind must be well suited for this kind of project.