Start with a big breakfast

Many of us don’t serve the Thanksgiving Meal until suppertime. Start the day with a big breakfast, and keep everyone full until it’s time for Turkey!

Binge Watching Marathon

Full of turkey and the fixings? Time to relax and enjoy some R&R. It’s a great time to catch up on new and favorite shows, plus you’ll enjoy the extra time with the fam.

Try a Turkey Trot

If you’re not a runner, that’s okay too! You can cheer on family and friends from the sidelines, or volunteer to help with the event.

Bake with the kids

Make special Thanksgiving cookies, or shortbread-even a pumpkin pie! It’s a fun activity for kids, no matter their age. They will look forward to the fun every year. Bonus: One less dish you’ll need to make for Thanksgiving Dinner!

Decorate the table

Use butcher’s paper or disposable table cloth, and let everyone get creative! Encourage the family to write out what they are thankful for, or express it with art!

Make a toast

Ask everyone to make a (short) toast and say what they are thankful for! Or have everyone

Get the kids involved

Ask them to set the table, serve dessert or say the blessing! Sometimes kids feel left out, especially if they are isolated at a kids’ table. Be sure to make sure they feel included and get them involved!

What are your favorite Thanksgiving Traditions? We’d love to hear more about those special things you do each year to excite and delight the family.