Bluebird Gap Farm is a local Farm in Hampton, Virginia that is a great educational outing for the family (and kids of all ages). The farm is actually almost 60-acres and has around 150 domestic and wild animals. They have horses, cows, pigs, goats, and chickens. Additionally, the Farm has birds, whitetail deer, llamas, alpacas, tortoises, peacocks, rabbits, and waterfowl.

The Farm has a covered pavilion with 18 picnic tables and a large charcoal grill, perfect for larger groups. Other picnic tables and grills are placed throughout the farm for everyone to enjoy. The antique display barn has been set up as sort of a “museum”, featuring home and farm antique pieces from various time periods over the last couple of centuries. There are also coin-operated feed machines throughout the farm so you can feed the animals yourselves. Best of all- Admission is free!

The Farm has lots of fun events planned this fall, so be sure to check out their Facebook Page for all the details: