York County, Virginia

History in York County, Virginia

York County Virginia dates to Colonial times. It was first settled in 1633. York County is known for two of the greatest wars ever fought on American soil: The Civil War and The Revolutionary War. The Yorktown Battlefields are a national historic site overseen by the National Park Service. During the Revolutionary War, Yorktown was the place where General Cornwallis surrendered, after the final battle of the war for independence. In the Civil War era, Yorktown was a centrally located port that supplied either the Union or Confederate Army, depending upon which side held it as a stronghold. There are numerous historic homes in York County Virginia. Two historically significant homes in York County are The Nelson House and Cole Digges house. The Nelson House served as Thomas J. Nelson’s birthplace and homestead and dates to 1711. Nelson was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. The Cole Digges house dates to 1720 and was the place where Lord Cornwallis surrendered to the Revolutionary Army in 1781. York County is rich in historical significance. There are many other historic homes in York County that date to the early 18th Century. Some of these historic homes are open to the public and some are privately owned.

Why Relocate to York County, Virginia?

Many families and individuals love living in York County because it retains a rural character. York County is 27 miles long and 6 miles wide, covering a square mile distance of 108 miles. Homes here often come with small or large tracts of land and there is plenty of space between houses so residents have privacy. The waterman’s way of life is still practiced in York County, largely because of its close proximity to the Chesapeake Bay, and the county’s location on the shores of the York River. Old farmsteads, estate properties, plantations, horse farms, and farmettes are common in York County.

Rural, Suburban and City Living: A Way of Life in York County Virginia

York County, Virginia has rural characteristics, yet it is also a contemporary place where luxury homes, estate properties, and luxury homes can be found. The county is only 50 miles from Richmond and 25 miles to Norfolk. Both are urban centers where shopping, dining, cultural activities, and entertainment are in abundance. York County also has many choices when it comes to dining, with excellent seafood restaurants where fresh catches are served as well as an assortment of culinary styles to please any palette. Many county residents shop in or nearby the Patrick Henry Mall and surrounding establishments in Oyster Point — a part of Newport News that is close to the York County line and easily accessible to those who live in the county.

Outdoor Parks in York County

One of the most popular places for recreation in York County is Yorktown. Historic Yorktown overlooks the York River. Yorktown Waterfront has 2 acres of beachfront land and is an excellent choice for swimming, sunbathing, fishing and boating. Nearby Riverwalk Landing provides a nice mix of restaurants and shops. Other outdoor areas in the county provide access to forests and fields as well as estuaries and inlets of the York River. These include: New Quarter Park, Kiln Creek Park, Back Creek Park, Wolf Trap Park, Charles Brown Park, Wormley Creek Landing, Chisman Creek Park, Rodgers Smith Landing, and Freight Shed. With so much open space to enjoy, it is no wonder residents of York County take such pride in their surroundings.

Economic Development in York County

Because it is close to international ports, Interstate 64, and rail lines York County is an ideal place for business. Low tax rates make York County especially attractive to businesses. The Naval Weapons Station/Cheatham Annex is one of the largest employers in the county. Other large employers in the area include the U.S. Coast Guard Station, Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center, Water Country USA, Great Wolf Lodge, and Kings Creek Plantation. Numerous contemporary business and industrial parks dot the landscape of York County to support service and private industries’ initiatives and commerce.

Schools in York County

Public education in York County is rated as one of the best in the Commonwealth in Virginia. In fact, many military and civilian families prefer York County to other areas because of the superior school system. Students who graduate from York County public schools consistently do well in standardized test scores and have a high rate of graduation. It is one of the leading locations where a high percentage of high school graduates continue on to secondary education. There are ten elementary schools, four middle schools and four high schools in York County, as well as a selection of private schools.

Continuing Education for Adults

For those adults who wish to continue their education, expand their knowledge base into new and exciting areas of academic study, or embark upon new careers — York County is nearby a selection of excellent institutions. The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Christopher Newport University in Newport News, and Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia are all top-notch facilities where continuing education can be found. All of these campuses are within an easy commute for York County residents.

While York County retains a rural character and wholesomeness that gives residents a sense of home and belonging – it is also within a close enough distance to major urban areas so it does not feel remote. This combination makes York County an excellent place for the distinguished homebuyer to retire, relocate, or purchase a second home.