Richmond City

A Place in American History: Richmond Virginia

Richmond Virginia is well known for being the capital of the Confederate states during the Civil War. It has many historic sites well worth a visit. At the end of the Civil War, Richmond Virginia was burned. This disaster ruined many of the government records of land ownership and marriages in the City and in outlying counties. Many plantations, historic estates, and other historic properties were burned as well. Yet Richmond, Virginia, like the rest of the South, rose from the ashes, and built anew. Today, Richmond is a thriving metropolis, attracting the best and brightest to universities, jobs in the growing tech industry, commerce, finance, and more. Richmond Virginia is sophisticated city with a mix of old southern charm and contemporary lifestyles.

Famous Americans from Richmond Virginia

Edgar Allen Poe is perhaps the most famous American from Richmond Virginia. Poe was internationally known during his time for his macabre short stories such as “The Fall of the House of Usher” and poems like “The Raven.” Poe wrote during the revival of the Gothic age. His former home on 1914 East Main Street is an historic property. John Marshall, Chief Justice of the post revolutionary war U.S. Supreme Court, made his home in Richmond for 45 years. His home is also an historic site and dates to the 18th century.

Waterfront Estates and Historic Property in Richmond Virginia

Historic property, waterfront estates, luxury homes, and unique properties can be found within the City of Richmond. Some areas of Richmond, Virginia have been zoned as historic districts, and there are special rules regarding renovations to historic properties in these neighborhoods. Historic neighborhoods in Richmond Virginia include: Church Hill, The Fan and Jackson Wharf.

Fine Dining in Richmond Virginia

The dining and cultural opportunities available in Richmond Virginia are on par with larger cities such as New York City or Los Angeles. In fact the recent revival of inner city Richmond has brought new restaurants to the thriving city center. Some favorite fine dining establishments in Richmond include: The Tobacco Company, in the Shockoe Slip area, Hondos, a Steak House, Skilligalee Restaurant and Joe’s Inn, in the Fan.

Historical Landmarks in Richmond Virginia

The Capitol building in Richmond Virginia was built in 1788, and the architectural design was done by Thomas Jefferson, whose Roman influences are apparent in the design. Visit the Museum and White House of the Confederacy, where the largest collection of Civil War artifacts is housed.

Marinas and Boat Launches in Richmond Virginia

Kingsland Reach Marina is on the James River and just minutes from Interstate 295. Land and wet slips are available. Adjacent to the marina is the Osborne Boat Landing, a public boat launch. Osborne Boat Landing is easy to locate, just off exit 75 on Interstate 95 South. Quiet boaters who enjoy bird watching may see bald eagles, osprey, waterfowl, and gulls.

Richmond Virginia Brewing Company

Legend Brewing Company is a well-respected microbrewery located within the City of Richmond. The brewing company produces both lagers and ales, and the restaurant features a variety of pub foods, with a deck that seats 200 and has a view of the James River.

Richmond Virginia Culture and Entertainment

A thriving artistic community, centered in the Fan, which is in the same vicinity as Virginia Commonwealth University, is home to many types of artists, students, scholars, and bohemians. The bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and coffee houses of Shockhoe Slip and Shockhoe Bottom are also popular neighborhoods for entertainment and dining out. In these neighborhoods, the best of Richmond’s music, dance, theater, performance, and more can be seen in various public venues.

Richmond Virginia Outdoor Recreation

The scenic James River runs through Richmond. Fishing, golfing, rafting, canoeing and more are all popular outdoor sports in this area. Not far from the city limits is Pocahontas State Park, and the Shenandoah Valley is just a two-hour drive from Richmond, so hiking, camping, and backpacking are also popular forms of recreation for Richmond residents.

Richmond Virginia Proximity to Major Cities

Richmond is conveniently located about6 one and one half hours south of the Washington D.C. metro area. Long range plans for a train between Washington D.C. and Richmond has created some new growth in the corridor between Richmond and Washington D.C. Richmond is only 45 minutes from Williamsburg, Virginia, one hour from Charlottesville, and about 2 hours to the Norfolk and Virginia Beach area.

Richmond Virginia: a Sampling of Private Schools

The Goddard School and Richmond Preparatory CHR Academy are two outstanding private schools in the Richmond area. However there are so many private schools in Richmond, Virginia, that they are too numerous to list here. Visit for a more complete listing of private schools in Richmond.

Colleges in Near Richmond Virginia

Richmond is home to several well-respected colleges and universities. The most well-known are Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Richmond. J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College also serves the Richmond area. Virginia Union University and Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond are also located in Richmond.

Contemporary Richmond Virginia

The City of Richmond still retains the old southern charm that many find so appealing. Contemporary Richmond Virginia is filled with young professionals, mainly because of the revival of inner city life, the large number of jobs, and the rich tapestry of nature that surrounds this southern city. There are a variety of property types available in Richmond, including condo conversions, townhomes, condominiums, single-family homes, luxury homes, estate properties, waterfront estates and more. If you are interested in purchasing real estate in the Richmond area, contact or call Elaine VonCannon at 757-288-4685.