Prince George County Virginia, Close to Petersburg

History in Prince George County, Virginia

Prince George County has a rich history that dates to the Colonial era. It was named for Prince George of Denmark, the husband of reigning monarch of England, Queen Anne. When the three ships came up the James River in 1607 to settle at Jamestown Island, John Martin sighted a tract of land along the James River further west than Jamestown

that he felt was appropriate for settlement. In 1616 Martin received a Land Grant in Prince George County called Brandon, right along the James River. In the 1720s, under the ownership of Nathaniel Harrison, Thomas Jefferson designed the main part of the mansion. Flowerdew Hundred, a 1,000-acre land grant, was acquired by Sir George Yeardley in 1619, and he had the first wind driven gristmill built there. Home to the Merchants Hope Church, built in 1657, it is the oldest Episcopal Church in America still standing and still in use. Richard Bland also lived in Prince George County, and he played a pivotal role in the American Revolution, serving as a delegate in the First and Second Continental Congress. During the Civil War, Appomattox Manor was General Grant’s headquarters for the Union Army. Grant later moved his headquarters to Flowerdew Plantation, where he would orchestrate the siege of Petersburg. The collective history of Prince George County is fascinating because it impacted many events in Early America and during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

Why Relocate to Prince George County, Virginia?

Prince George County is the perfect place to retire, relocate, or purchase a second home. Petersburg, Colonial Heights and Fort Lee, Virginia are the primary cities in Prince George County Virginia and each has its own distinct character. Petersburg is an urban center south of Richmond, Virginia that has always thrived. Boar’s Head, Boehringer Ingelheim and Virginia Abrasives have operations in Petersburg and the travel industry is thriving. Colonial heights is just 20 miles south of Richmond and Interstate 95 runs right through it. It has been identified as one of the key areas for retail businesses before traffic reaches the North Carolina border. Fort Lee is home to the Combined Arms Support Command of the U.S. Army, making it a busy post for supplying and training key military personnel across the world.

Rural, Suburban and City Living: A Way of Life in Prince George County Virginia

The Richmond-Petersburg Metropolitan Statistical Area in 2006 counted some 1,194,008 people living in the area. Prince George County itself has 36,000 residents. Petersburg, Colonial Heights, and Fort Lee are cornerstones of urban and small town life. There are also plenty of property and homes outside of these areas for those who prefer suburban and rural living. For anyone wishing to retire, relocate or find a professional job in the area, the choices are wide and offer enough variation for most individuals.

Economic Development in Prince George County

With a plethora of private industry, government, and retail businesses in Prince George County, economic development is continuous. In 2004 and 2005, many military bases were closed across the United States. However, Fort Lee, Virginia has benefited from these closings. Because of military base shutdowns, 7,300 personnel were projected to be added to Fort Lee, setting the stage for regional and economic growth. Statistics from the Prince George Economic Development home page indicate that Fort Lee contributes 860 million dollars per year to the regional economy. Some of the larger companies with commercial investments in Prince George County include Norfolk Southern, Goya Foods, Ace Hardware, and Standard Motor Products. Industrial and Commercial properties as well as small business ventures are also being encouraged through special initiatives provided by Prince George Economic Development.

Schools in Prince George County

The public schools in Prince George County are expanding, largely due to the Defense Base Closure and Re-alignment Commission (BRAC) that is bringing more military personnel to the area. A new elementary school will be opened in September of 2009 and school district assignments will be altered at this time. For parents who would like to consider a private school for their child, they may select Bermuda Run Educational Center, an alternative school in Hopewell, or Woodlawn Christian School in Prince George.

Continuing Education for Adults

For adults interested in Continuing Education in Prince George County, there is a branch of John Tyler Community College in Chester Virginia, where many quality educational programs can be accessed. Another option for Continuing Education is the Richard Bland College of the College of William and Mary. For those who wish to travel to nearby Richmond, educational programs may be accessed at Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Virginia, and Virginia State University.

Outdoor Parks in Prince George County

Prince George County Virginia has three parks for public use: Scott Memorial Park, Temple Recreation Park, and Appomattox River Regional Park. These parks provide wooded trails, restrooms, and pavilion and picnic facilities to visitors. Prince George County Parks and Recreation Department also provides regularly scheduled adult activities, senior citizen activities, summer day camps, and tennis programs as well as periodic trips outside the county.