Hampton, Virginia in the Heart of Hampton Roads

Situated along the shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay, Hampton Virginia is a scenic community that dates to early English settlement. Hampton’s strategic position near the harbor has made it place where military strongholds are established, commerce flourishes, and community life is nourished. Families, young professionals, retired individuals, and people of all ages find Hampton a pleasant place to live and work.

History in Hampton Virginia

Holding the distinction of being the oldest continuously inhabited English colony in the U.S. Hampton, Virginia was inhabited by colonists before they settled in Jamestown. By 1610 Fort Henry and Fort Charles were built. The early colonists called it Elizabeth City, and by 1705 it was established as the town of Hampton. Hampton University is an historic structure, since it was created in 1868 to educate freed slaves. Today Hampton University is an African American institution with a well-respected name, drawing students and scholars from across the globe. The historic battle between the ironclad ships Monitor and Merrimac was fought off the shores of Hampton. Today the Monitor Merrimac Bridge tunnel is a contemporary reminder of this important battle.

Why Relocate to Hampton, Virginia?

Hampton, a town of approximately 145,000 people, is poised to grow in the next 2-3 years. Hampton Coliseum, the site of the summertime Hampton Jazz Festival, is a marvelous venue for national and international stars. Hampton Town Center, (formerly the Hampton Coliseum Mall) is a new mixed use community at the same site as the mall, with offices, retail, shops, dining, a multiplex movie theater, and urban neighborhood living nearby. For those who love sun and surf, Hampton’s Buckroe Beach is the public beach with plenty of parking. Fort Monroe is a historic site on the Chesapeake Bay where outdoor concerts are staged and some public events are held. Downtown Hampton has a great jazz bar, dining and entertainment and is close to Hampton University.

Boating: A Way of Life in Hampton

With its prime waterfront location, boating is one of the most popular activities in Hampton. Boaters may choose from several public boat ramps and marinas where boats can be docked during season. To make Hampton even more desirable for boaters – there is no boat tax for residents.

Economic Development in Hampton

Like other areas of Tidewater Virginia, Hampton is poised for economic growth and a modest increase in population in the next three to five years. This makes Hampton an excellent area to purchase a home. Thanks to just over 63 miles of shoreline, there are numerous waterfront homes in Hampton for the person who prefers to live on or near the bay or its tributaries. The city of Hampton is spearheading several initiatives to help businesses grow including an advertising grant program for downtown businesses. A Capital Improvement Plan, with public input, is on the agenda for the coming years for the City of Hampton, complementing economic growth even more.

Schools in Hampton Virginia

Parents wishing to relocate to Hampton can be at ease. Hampton City Schools are ranked #2 in the Commonwealth of Virginia for national board certified teachers and provide an excellent education. Education in the Hampton City Schools includes special programming to assist in education for the gifted and artistically talented. Hampton also has a wide choice of private schools, including Hampton Christian Schools, Fox Hill Private, as well as Hampton Montessori School.

Continuing Education for Adults

There are several ways adults may continue to learn and enhance their professional knowledge in Hampton. Hampton University is located here, as is Thomas Nelson Community College and Old Dominion University’s Peninsula Center. All three institutions of higher education offer degree and non-degree classes to the adult learner at convenient times. For the busy professional, ODU’s Peninsula Center offers distance and online learning, as well.

Outdoor Parks in Hampton

There are numerous outdoor parks in Hampton that appeal to a variety of age groups and outdoor lifestyles. For the person seeking a chance to walk or run, Matteson Trail or Sandy Bottom Nature Park are nice places to recreate. For the bather or sun worshipper, Buckroe Beach and Park is an excellent place along the Chesapeake Bay to relax. For the naturalist, Grandview Nature Preserve is a nice place to take in the wetlands and see migratory birds in season.

For young and old alike, Hampton is a great place to live and work. Population trends indicate that the 18-34 age group is nearly ¼ of the population of Hampton and will continue to grow. For this reason, Hampton will find ways to create an even better environment for the young professional whose average commute is about 20 minutes to work. For those interested in living a Chesapeake Bay lifestyle, Hampton is an appealing choice that combines Bay living with urban lifestyles.