Located on the Rappahannock River between Lancaster Creek and Mulberry Bay, and just a few miles from the Belle Isle State Park, Morattico is a small but vibrant village. Once a hub of business and activity, the town may be quiet now, but its long history is an amazing part of the rich history of the Northern Neck area.


“Morattico” is an anglicized version of “Moraughticund”, the name of a Native American tribe whose primary village may have been on or near this site. In 1608, Captain John Smith mediated a feud between the Moraughticunds and their neighbors, the Rappahannock tribe.

By 1706 the site had been purchased by Joseph Ball I, who began building a house which became known as Morattico Plantation, or simply Morattico.

The large tract of land, approximately 500 acres, was later given to his son Joseph Ball II — the father of Mary Ball Washington and grandfather to the first President of the United States, George Washington. 

The Morattico Museum

The Morattico Waterfront Museum honors life on the river and those who lived it. The museum focuses on the cultural history and traditions of this watermen’s village on the Rappahannock River, It sits across Morattico Creek from Belle Isle State Park. 

Morattico is just a short drive to the attractions of Belle Isle State Park, Irvington and The Tides Inn.

Morattico may be tiny, but it has a very rich history and a warm community feel. You should definitely stop by if you are up this way!