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I Am Woman Hear Me Roar: The Female Homebuyer And Seller - Part 2

I Am Woman Hear Me Roar: The Female Homebuyer And Seller - Part 2

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By Elaine VonCannon, ABR, SRES, Associate Broker, Notary, Team Leader, Property Manager, Award Winning Agent

In Part 1 of this series of articles I discussed female home buying trends in the US and things women commonly consider when making an important real estate purchase. In Part 2, I would like to continue this discussion from an investment, relocation and selling perspective. Women are now beginning to invest in real estate to improve their portfolios. The purchase of a second home, rental property or rehab project are all ways to build an investment history. In recent years the stock market has been unpredictable while real estate has continued to appreciate. Even though the real estate market does not grow as fast it is more stable over the long term, this appeals to many female investors. Female homebuyers and sellers have begun to recognize that a home can be the cornerstone of a personal financial strategy to build wealth and security.

It's Tool Time Ladies!
Stop in to any Lowe's or Home Depot and you are sure to find all types of women. Tools, light fixtures, rakes, paint; you name it and women are buying it. One of the biggest responsibilities for a homeowner or investor when rehabbing, renovating or upgrading is home maintenance. A 2003 Forrester Research study revealed that almost half of all purchases made at Lowe's and Home Depot are made by women. Trends suggest women are not afraid to make a home maintenance commitment in order to have a higher return on their investments. In 2004 Sears did a study that reported sixty-nine percent of female homeowners considered themselves somewhat handy with home maintenance projects and seventy percent said they enjoyed doing home repairs. A home is a large asset and women are not afraid to maintain and increase the value of this asset. Currently, women can purchase a variety of home repair and renovations books and videos created and tailored just for them.

Climbing The Ladder and Relocation
Across the country in cities everywhere women are accepting executive level, professional jobs. Many women are dedicated to the advancement of their careers and to do so they move in order to accept higher-level positions. It is situations like this that inspire a female homebuyer to become investment savvy. Knowledge, strategy, clearly defined goals and trusted real estate professionals are the key to success. Purchasing a home in an area you know will be in demand in the future, realistically assessing the necessary repair work and careful planning will help you make money rather than lose. Remember, the three main reasons a property does not sell are location, price and condition. Consider the weaknesses and strengths of a property and make an educated decision.

Retirement and Downsizing
A series by Jean Chatzky, an editor for Money Magazine, called "Today's Money For Women" was featured on the Today Show in 2004. She began her series with this quote, "You've probably heard that thanks to divorce and the fact that women outlive men, ninety percent of women will be solely responsible for their finances at some point in their lives." Many women after retirement find themselves living alone for the first time and often they are still living in a home made for a family. As time goes by the cost, physically and financially, of maintenance and upkeep are taxing and it is time to downsize into a home better suited to your needs. Choosing a real estate professional that listens and is attentive to your individual situation is essential, as well as having support from friends and colleagues.

Tips For Female Sellers
All sellers should keep some important tips in mind. First, watch your neighborhood and keep track of what sells and the price. Second, be certain to make all of the necessary repairs or upgrades. Consider having a pre-inspection and always complete a termite moisture check. Third, choose your upgrades wisely. Think from the buyer's perspective. Fourth, be certain you have enough money to cover the closing costs when the sale is final. Don't complete the sale owing money. To read more articles on topics related to selling homes please visit www.voncannonrealestate.com and peruse articles like "Bring It To The Bank: Renovations and Upgrades", "Increase Your Buying Power With Capital Gains Reinvestment", and "The Seller's Guide To The Buyer's Eye".